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United States
Some may like vampires and werewolves. Others like Orcs and Elves, and Dragons and Wizards. And still, some like space invaders and science-fiction fighters, with lasery-type swords and weapons. For us, we love Super Heroes, and more particularly, the idea of Super Powerful Females!

But for some of us, the only thing more exciting and enticing than the idea of an incredible Super Woman, who possesses incredible Super Strength, is the idea of a Super Powerful Goddess, who has unlimited Cosmic Super Strength! A female character who can easily out-match, out-class, and over-power all the greats including Superman, the Incredible Hulk, and all their most powerful allies and enemies that exist within their worlds and Universe, and all at the same time!

So welcome to my UPCSG Art, (Ultra Powerful Cosmic Super Goddess)

Since I was a young kid I always loved the idea of female super-hero-like creations that I thought could save and 'rescue' me. Indeed characters like Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Powergirl, She-Ra, and Miss Marvel (this last would come much later in life) were always my first and still favorite 'boy-hood fantasy crushes'. And indeed, there's still nothing more fun, hot, and exciting to my mind than the idea of a female who's so powerful, she can throw planets through the Cosmos! This 'fantasy' has always been there for me, and it always will be!

While I spend a lot of time in political circles contending for what Freedom means and arguing for how we are going to acquire Liberty (as well as other passions such as writing music etc) This 'hobby' and interest in creating art (hopefully into 'comic-like' formats as opposed to just the 'test runs' and random 'scrap work' I've so far presented while learning software like Poser) is kind of an 'escape' for me!

Just like going to Comic Cons or engaging in Cosplay from time to time, being able to make the art I love that's dedicated to this genre and what has always been my 'fantasy' is kind of a fun way of being able to escape the often dark subjects of things that are political in nature. And as I started making the art, I discovered there were other people out there just like me, and who loved the same exact thing, and so why deprive them of it when they too can enjoy my work!

And so well, here I am! Welcome to my art and page! I really am hoping to make and organize my work into actual 'comic strips'. And what's so far been provided has been more like 'scrap-work' that hasn't been arranged into any sequential comic like strips with story progressions etc.

Most of the things I've so far shared (starting with some early and really bad ones where I hadn't even learned how to match clothing to body shape and which I've since taken down, as well as some characters that looked really bad like my first attempt at creating a 'Man of Steel') are just these type of 'scrap' ideas. But as stated I'm hoping to actually make rolling 'comic-like' story lines of my art.

The gist of my work and page however is dedicated to the idea of an incredibly powerful Cosmic 'Super Goddess' who upon first discovering her powers will only become strong enough to lift the weight of mountains, or even continents, but who will become so powerful that she'll be able to eventually catch asteroids, and toss planets with masses greater than Jupiter through the galaxies, and who will just keep getting infinitely stronger and more powerful with time!

While there might be other powerful females in some of my work, most of it is going to celebrate Rayo-Shel. Our story revolves mainly around an exceptionally powerful red-haired 'Super Goddess' (who will eventually become able to also change her appearance which is why she'll be featured in different hair colors etc) born of the deity's of another planet and world. As the main character featured in our artwork, we find in her, not only a Super Woman with super strength, nor stopping at even that of a Super Goddess with Cosmic strength, but eventually becoming an Ultra Powerful Cosmic Super Goddess, with unlimited Super Cosmic Strength, that will only keep growing without limit!

Inspiration: Rayo-Shel's back-story.

Some may remember Cythonna, another powerful Kryptonian Super Goddess who appeared in a Superman Comic, “The Last God of Krypton”. This character was an ancient Goddess of Krypton, who was on the level of strength and power with Rao. (Another character and God of the Kryptonians)

In the actual comic, she easily trumped the Man of Steel by effortlessly smacking and tossing him around. The fight was entirely one-sided, until Superman, having no ability to match her strength, flew into space, and close to the Sun.


Being that Rao was her Universal opposite, giving Light and Life to Suns, the Goddess of Darkness, Cold, and Void, was weakened by being too close to the Sun, so that Superman could now stand a chance at matching her incredible strength. Using the aid of Lois who was operating a giant Kryptonic warrior battle suit, as well as a Kryptonian grenade that Superman had been concealing, they were able to eventually knock Cythonna into the pull of the Sun, where we are lead to believe it was all over.

*Where our story continues from here*

But this is only the beginning for us. In our story, Cythonna, being pulled into the Sun, is not destroyed by it, nor is she even weakened by it, but instead, learns how to use the power of the the Sun, to exponentially magnify her already God-like Super Strength. Now, not only does she have her original God-like Super Strength that's already hundreds, if not, thousands of times more powerful than any Super Man or Woman from Krypton, but the original strength of a Kryptonian Super Goddess who's now absorbing and multiplying it from the Suns; the offspring of her once comparable foe. In short, her own strength and powers are endlessly being charged and multiplied against those of Rao's strength and power, so that she is now the most powerful being in the Universe. At least in our story of her.

After being enhanced beyond what seemed possible, she eventually finds the great God Rao, and now, being thousands of times stronger than him, makes him her lover. She becomes pregnant. And this is where our Cosmic Super Goddess Rao-Shel comes from!

An Ultra Powerful, Cosmic Super Goddess, “Rao-Shel” is born.

Being born from the direct power of her mother and father, she's inherited both of their powers, so that they, like her mom, continuously multiply against themselves. Only, more severely, since this unlimited power is born directly into her Super Goddess' Cells and DNA, meaning she will eventually become stronger than her mother.

Where most of our stories and art work take off: Rao-Shel is indeed powerful, but only at her beginning of discovering her vast and incredible cosmic super-strength, able to lift cars, semi-trucks, trains and tanks etc. In other art we find she has already become so strong, that she's more powerful heroes like the Incredible Hulk, HeMan, Superman, and many other 'greats' in the world of comics.

At what point she is being portrayed just depends on the story context of the picture being presented; ie: a picture when she first arrives to earth, first testing her powers and barely becoming strong, or a picture where she's tossing around one of these great heroes without effort. We'll leave it to the enjoyment of our fan's imaginations!

But one thing is certain, in our story and fantasy, she will eventually become the most powerful being in the Universe, and has no limit to how strong she's going to become, as anything that challenges her strength, causes her to grow and become stronger on the spot, by the power of her DNA and the Cosmic Super Goddess Cells that comprise her, and that automatically charge and feed off the energy of the stars as these 'reflect' and multiply against one another within her biological makeup.

This young red-haired Goddess loves to show off her incredible, vastly powered Cosmic Super Strength as well as her beauty. Being the most beautiful woman the Universe has ever laid eyes on, and having a body that only a Ultra Powerful Cosmic Super Goddess like her could have, and, the apparent age of a 25 year old female, who's immortal and never going to age beyond, she loves to show off her unstoppable strength and power, while wearing not more than her boots, arm wraps, cape, and that tiny thong bikini and top, all made from a special material, but a uniform that nonetheless that teases us and leaves very little to the imagination.

Unfortunately I do not do nudes, while I have had several requests. While I know that my character is indeed quite risque, this are was never intended to be shared as something pornographic.

*Concerning “Rachel” from our friend SuperCDR.

Is this character intended to be a “rip-off” of his great and incredible work? Not at all! While my work is very similar to his 'Rachel' character, and indeed they share similarities such as both possessing incredible and seemingly unlimited Cosmic Super Strength; both having fiery red hair and those skimpy similar outfits and bikinis (that I know nerds like me all love) and finally their names, “Rachel”, and “Rao-Shel”, my character did not derive it's origin from this artist's (SuperCDR) work!

It would be a lie to say that SuperCDR's “Rachel”, especially the way she's portrayed in her animated “Unstoppable” part 1, and even more, part 2 were not an inspiration to begin my own art. And so in one sense, one could say that yes, she was definitely inspired by SuperCDR's “Rachel”. But I had already had the idea of making my main character a red-headed 'Super Goddess', because I thought it just offered something more 'comic-like' than normal colors like blonde, black, or brunette etc.

Anyways I hope you enjoy the work and hopefully the actual 'comics strips' that I originally wanted to make with this character are not too far from production!

Take care!

*Concerning characters from DC, Marvel, and any others such as Hanna-Barbara's He Man: These pictures are not for monetary gain or profit, but freely placed on this site for the enjoyment of fun, art, fantasy, and imagination. They are not endorsed by the owners of rights to the above names, and again, not made for profit when containing these and other trademarked characters.


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tigerspud Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016
could you do one with a muscular gymnast ?:)
vizard1952 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016
SteveBlazer Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!
ei9 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016
Early Birthday wishes to you my man and may it be 100% badass awesome and Kickass great as well!
christopherjohnson35 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016
Also, how would she fair in a battle with the Decepticons from the Transformers G1 series, especially against Megatron and his superpowerful Fusion Cannon?
UPCSGArt Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you read her story, she just keeps getting stronger without limit. So when her powers first become awakened (as this Super Goddess was hidden on Earth initially thinking she was just regular Earth Girl, (her 'Super Goddess' mom eventually tells her) when she first starts out in her powers, she realizes she starts throwing men off her that try to attack her. Then 10 at time. Then lifting cars, than semi-trucks, than trains and tanks, and on and on!

Usually each time she's strong enough to at least 'get into it' with something slightly stronger than her, she starts out a bit weaker than them, and with a struggle. (This would include eventually becoming strong enough to get into it with a Decepticon which might be slightly stronger than her initially!) But each time she 'powers up' she advances significantly and exponentially in her strength as well as other powers, making her stronger than her opponent after getting knocked around by them at first. (For some reason, anything that initially tests her strength, seems to 'activate' this 'powering up)

And in a case concerning fighting something like a Decepticon, she'd probably struggle against it and likewise get tossed around a bit. Until she powers up in the moment of that fight, and becomes significantly stronger, and to the point that she'd easily toss it around as though he were nothing. Then not too long after, while getting stronger and stronger, she'd eventually (but quite soon actually) be strong enough to easily take on 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000, 1 M, until she's more powerful than their entire race combined!

That's the general 'story' of this Incredible and Unstoppable Ultra Powerful Cosmic Super Goddess! She just keeps getting stronger and growing into her infinite Cosmic Super Goddess strength, until she's easily the most powerful being in the Universe tossing masses larger than Jupiter and Suns through the Cosmos, while still growing! ;)
Good. But could she handle a combined blast from Megatron and Galvatron's fusion cannons at max power? Megatron has the ability to tap into the infinite powe of a black hole, and Galvatron's cannon can break down the toughest molecular structures in the universe on the subatomic level. Once she is fully powered in her ultimate form, pit her against Unicron. He is the planet sized transformer demon-god who devouers worlds with massive divine firepower.
UPCSGArt Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This Unstoppable Super Goddess would laugh at it and twist all olit potential power to a flick of her fingers ;)
Plus can you do a drawing of her mom? I am curious what she looks like.
christopherjohnson35 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016
Rao-shel is so beautiful. I would date her. She doesn't intimidate me. But, I am just a lowly trucker with a small salery. I wouldn't be worthy of her. But then again, superman fell in love with a lowly human reporter.
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